Take a family outing to grab a frozen treat, where each family member gets to pick out a custom flavor, scoop or topping. Here are our picks for best places in Atlanta to grab a sweet treat.

Ice Cream:

Butter and Cream

The small batch ice cream is made fresh right in the kitchen.
Favorite scoops: Cashew Crème Brulee, Honeycomb Forest, O.G. Goodness.
Kid’s scoops: Butterscotch Brownie and Milk and Cookies.

Frosty Caboose

Kids will love visiting this old train car for ice cream, with a view of working trains right next to the location. Try over 36 flavors with creative names such as Grandma’s Banana Puddin’ and Va-Va-Vanilla.
Favorite scoops: Sea Turtle Madness (salted caramel) and Coffee Almond Fudge.
Kid’s scoops: Cookie Monster Madness and Happy Birthday Cake or Superman.

Frosty Frog Creamery & Café

This location makes over 250 wonderful flavors of ice cream, sherbets, sorbet and no-sugar-added ice creams–with 32 smooth and creamy flavors available each day. All of the award-winning ice cream is made using the finest ingredients and original recipes. Only the freshest fruits and rich ingredients are chosen at the height of the season.
Favorite scoops: Cherokee Gold (Butterfinger, banana cheesecake), Elvis in White (white chocolate, peanut butter, banana)
Kid’s scoops: Blue Moon, Cotton Candy and Cookie Dough

Jake’s Ice Cream

The old-school ice cream parlor atmosphere is the cherry on top of this flavor-packed ice cream shop. Also follow their ice cream truck “Reno” on Saturdays and Sundays.
Favorite scoop: Chocolate Slap Yo Mama, made with chocolate sauce, chocolate chips and Oreo cookies.
Kid’s scoop: Max’s Magic Kisses, a sweet cream base turned blue, with white chocolate chips and marshmallows.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni’s has quickly become popular with national scoop shop locations, and Atlanta is lucky enough to have four of the few.
Favorite scoops: Brown Butter Almond Brittle, Brambleberry Crisp and Sweet Cream.
Kid’s scoops: Milkiest Chocolate, Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk and Wildberry Lavender. Not on the menu, but ask for a single scoop for less.
Atlanta Westside; Atlanta Krog Street Market; Decatur and Alpharetta

Morelli’s Ice Cream

With over 200 homemade flavors, Morelli’s is sure to have your favorite combination. Their salted caramel ice cream is even favored by Conan O’Brien.
Favorite scoop: Salted Caramel.
Kid’s scoops: Dirt and Worms with vanilla ice cream, Oreos and two gummy worms on the side.

Queen of Cream

Two friends wanted to bring an ice cream shop to Atlanta that has flavors made 100 percent from scratch and that they did.
Favorite scoops: Sprinkle Cookie
Kid’s scoops: Cookies + Cream, Vanilla Bean and Deep Chocolate.

Southern Custard

This dense, rich, creamy dessert is frozen with a special technique to give it a perfect smoothness. Try freshly-made pancake puffs served warm, paired with frozen custard and toppings.
Favorite Scoops: Butter Pecan, Irish Creme
Kid’s Scoops: Birthday Cake, Bubble Gum, Cookie Monster

Sweetreats Ice Cream and Coffee House

Check out their specially-designed spinning machine for blending ice cream into soft serve combinations and taste their homemade waffle cones.
Favorite scoops: Tiramisu, White Russian and Nutella Cheesecake.
Kid’s scoops: Cookie Monster, Jungle Bears with gummy bears and Raspberry Sparkler with Pop Rocks.

Vintage Frozen Custard

Vintage Frozen Custard is a booming food truck that now also boasts a permanent location. Each day they have a brand new flavor, but classics like vanilla and chocolate are always available along with many topping mix-ins.
Favorite scoops: Cereal flavors like Honey Nut Cheerios, Fruity Pebbles and Trix.
Kid’s scoops: They have homemade push-up pops with different flavors for a more fun, and less messy way to enjoy the custard.

Rolled Ice Cream:

The Thai rolled ice cream sensation is in full swing in Atlanta. Workers pour the ice cream base onto a frozen metal plate then mix toppings onto the plate. As the ice cream begins to freeze, a spatula is used to press and mix the toppings together and a few minutes later, it is made into rolls.

8 Fahrenheit: Doraville, Duluth and Cumming

IC Hot: Kennesaw

IC-E NY Atlanta: Doraville

Kremo Ice Cream: Alpharetta and Duluth

Roll it Up: Doraville

Sweet Charlie’s: Atlanta

Snow Cones:

Big Easy Sno-Balls

New Orleans-style ice that kids and adults alike rave about. Kids will love the Blue Cotton Candy or Sour Raspberry and adults will enjoy the tart Key Lime Pie flavor, a custom creation by the owner.

Bon Glaze

This new donut spot is serving up shaved ice for the summer. Try Bubble Gum, Wedding Cake or Dreamsicle flavors. You can even opt to top your shaved ice with cotton candy.

Hokulia Shave Ice

You don’t have to vacation in Hawaii for a taste of this traditional shaved ice. Choose from tons of fruity flavors and add Macadamia Nut Ice Cream or toppings such as sweetened condensed milk or Li Hung Mui Powder.

Ice Ice Baby SnoBalls

Authentic New Orleans-style snoballs are served at the Strawberry Fields Market with flavors including Carolina Peach, Scout Honor Mint Chocolate and other locally-sourced flavors throughout the summer.

K.O. Sno Balls

Try over 75 flavors including Mango, Cotton Candy and The Rainbow. While enjoying your icy treat, play tons of classic arcade games that are all set on free play in the store.

Paradise Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Try Hawaiian Paradise with Pineapple, Coconut and Banana or Rainbow with Strawberry, Banana and Blue Hawaii. Add ice cream to the mix or try the Pineapple or Lava Flow Bowls. They also offer milk teas, milkshakes and coffee.

Pelican’s Snoballs

Born from a New Orleans tradition of combining smooth fluffy snow with bold flavors, Pelican’s Snoballs features over 100 varieties, including Rainbow, Frogger’s, Shark Attack and Pretty Princess.z

SnowVille Shavery

This location serves up shaved snow, a variation from shaved ice. The concept derives from Taiwan, and is created by shaving flavored ice into a base of milk and water. Try the Traditional, Strawberry, Honey Dew or Key Lime Pie among other flavors.


The milky and sweet Asian-inspired blend creates a mix of ice cream and snow cone consistency. Try Chocolate, Thai Tea, Green Tea or Strawberry among other flavors. Kids 8 and younger get a free, small SunO every Friday with purchase.

Frozen Pops:

King of Pops

This staple Atlanta frozen treat can be found all around town at many festivals, restaurants, grocery stores or by visiting their window store or Ponce City Market locations. Try Cookies and Cream, Strawberry Lemonade or Fresh Peach. King of Pops sources produce from their very own farm and flavors change depending on the season.

Pop Stars

Find this local frozen pop company in area Whole Foods as well as by the Mayor’s Grove Playground in Piedmont Park. Try the Arnold Palmer, Chocolate Salted Coconut or the Sweet Potato Pie and more. Flavors change by season.
Mayor’s Grove Playground in Piedmont Park and Whole Foods. 404-500-8232. popstarsatl.com

Steel City Pops

The Alabama favorite is now in Atlanta. The small-batch treats are made with locally-harvested ingredients. The seasonal flavors change with what is fresh, including fruity or creamy Avocado, Strawberry Cream, Lavender Lemonade and more.

– Teresa Farkas and Caroline Ward

Best Ice Cream, Snow Cones and Frozen Pops in Atlanta
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