Try these treats to move beyond the birthday cake.

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Ice cream bowls

Press pre-made cookie dough into muffin tins, bake and cool; serve filled with ice cream and toppings.
Source: A Helicopter Mom

Mini chicken waffle sliders

Sandwich a baked chicken nugget between two toasted mini waffles. Serve with syrup for dipping.
Source: Kim’s Cravings

Mini-pizza party

Give each guest a pre-baked crust; set out sauce and toppings in bowls and let them get creative! Before baking, place them on parchment-lined cookie sheets and use a pencil to write a name by each pizza.

Fruity cones

Dip the top of an ice cream cone in melted chocolate, add sprinkles and chill until set. Fill the cone with fresh fruit.

Chocolate frogs

Coat 2 mini pretzels and a chocolate sandwich cookie in green candy bark. Press the cookie on top of the pretzels; add candy eyes and a tongue cut from a red fruit rollup. Chill until set.
Source: Baking and Boys!

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