A smelly diaper can really kill the vibe you have tried to create in your baby’s nursery. To the rescue are a variety of diaper pails that we tested to help you control the smell your little stinker will produce.

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail:

This pail is super compact and with its simple white design it will suit most any nursery. While the retail price is $39.99, you should find it for $25 at most major retailers. However, you need to purchase refill bags (cost $6-10; 10 bags hold up to 250 diapers). Each time a diaper is thrown away, baking soda is sprinkled into the pail and it does contain smells well. Diapers have to be squeezed into the middlepart of the can – which can be unpleasant when dealing with poopy diapers. To help contain a fresh smell over time, try putting an air freshener  in the bottom of the unit.

Traditional trash can – with lid:

Some parents opt to use a typical trash can as a diaper pail. Be sure to choose one with a lid that seals tight. This can work well enough, especially before your baby starts eating solid foods and diapers take on more of an unfriendly scent. Consider using plastic grocery store bags to dispose of individual diapers.

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