Atlanta doesn’t suddenly cool down in September, but most public pools close their gates after Labor Day. Fortunately, you and your children can still beat the heat through September at these no-admission “splash pads” in city parks. All four of the splash pads below are open 10 a.m.-8 p.m. daily through October 1.

Center Hill Park

2305 Hollowell Hwy. (formerly Bankhead Hwy.)
NW, Atlanta. 404-546-6813
After playing and getting sweaty at the adjacent park, kids can head over to the new splash pads, where they can jump and play in jets that shoot out from both the cement surface and benches. While there, learn a little history about Donald Lee Hollowell, a leader in the Civil Rights movement; information about Hollowell is located in the area that surrounds the splash pad.

D.H. Stanton Park

213 Haygood Ave. SE, Atlanta. 404-546-6813
When the pools close and the lifeguards go off duty in early September, don’t let that stop your family from cooling down at this splash pad. Come to the fi rst energy-neutral park in the city! This splash pad has water guns, a spray tunnel and plenty of jets above to soak your kids. In the center, commissioned public art by artist Robert Witherspoon is displayed.

Historic Fourth Ward Park

702 Ralph McGill Blvd., Atlanta. 404-546-6813
This is the newest splash pad in town. Its colorful design is appealing for kids of all ages. Jets in the ground shoot water straight up – escalating to different heights. In the middle of the sprayground, towering water jets
make the heat much more bearable. For safety reasons, encourage your youngsters to wear shoes when walking from the playground to the splash pads.

Perkerson Park

770 Deckner Ave. SW, Atlanta. 404-756-1859
The fountains at this splash pad are designed for all ages. Kids both big and small can have a ball cooling off in separate zones designed just for them. This site includes granite boulders that fashion a fountain and
seating area, displaying sculptures by Maria Artemis, a local artist.

– Sarah Egan


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