Atlanta Parent talked to Erica Key of Eating with Erica food blog, who is the mom to Sydney, 12.

What’s your go-to craft or activity?

  • She’s very into reading and the arts, so it’s been a very interesting time for her to do all of the things she would normally like to do.
  • We’ve been doing fun home projects—she’s getting her Chip and Joanna Gaines on. We recently moved into a new house, so we’re painting, finding inspiration from The Home Edit to help us organize, and getting the pool ready for summer, which she has been very excited about.

What’s your go-to meal? 

I’m keeping it fun by not being repetitive and using it as a project—can I make egg rolls? I have the time and opportunity for Pinterest fails.

I make chocolate chip muffins. Growing up, my mom was an incredible baker, and I’ve realized baking is a skill, and I should have been taking notes in the kitchen rather than just taking muffins. I also like making quiche, and Sydney likes it when I make my pancake platter, where she gets to decorate her own pancakes with whipped cream, chocolate chips, bananas, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and sprinkles, as it’s a chance for her to go to town and have fun.

We’re also trying to support local businesses when we can, and I include restaurants in my round-up on FOX 5 and in my weekly enewsletter.

What do you do when she says, “I’m bored?” 

I’ve been educating her with my favorite old-school shows, and watching our “The Little Mermaid” or “Ghostbusters.” I’ve been showing her how I grew up, with hopscotch and outdoor activities that they don’t really do anymore.

Is there an educational app or activity she enjoys?

SoloLearn. I like it because it teaches kids how to code. I want her to try an array of things, and I don’t want her to feel like coding’s just for boys. She likes it, and I like it because it makes her think, and it’s a challenge, and I think it builds self-esteem when things are difficult, but you’re able to still overcome them.

How are you connecting to other relatives and friends during this time? 

FaceTime has been our best friend. For our friends that don’t have Apple, we use Facebook Messenger. We’ve been using Zoom to connect with multiple family members at the same time.

What other advice do you have for Moms at this time?

Make sure that you carve out a little time for you, even if you have to put the kids to bed a little early. If you feel like you need some time for yourself, ask dad for help. You can only be the best mom you can be when you’re feeling you’re best. There’s no wrong way to do this; there’s no manual. Try and appreciate this time right now, as we don’t always get to have family dinners.

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