Kids love hunting for eggs! Mix up the fun at home with these fresh ideas.

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Secret Message Hunt

Use plastic eggs. Print out short messages for each egg that asks the kids to do a task such as quack like a duck or hop like a bunny. When they have found ten eggs and done all ten tasks, they’re eligible to hunt for their basket. Hand them a message with the clue they need to find it.

Indoor Hunt with Clues

This works well for families who find themselves inside on Easter morning. Write out clues that take the children to various places in the home where they’ll find the next clue. Use at least five clues and let the kids find their baskets at the end of the hunt.

Easter Bunny Track Hunt

Create “bunny tracks” out of pink paper and leave them where younger kids can follow to find a series of treats.

Golden Egg Hunt

Do your usual favorite hunt, but add an additional treasure. Purchase a large gold egg and fill it with something special. It could contain a treasure for the finder only, or a treat for the whole family such as a trip to a favorite restaurant, park or tickets to a new movie.

Easter Egg Piñata

Buy or make an Easter piñata and provide masks and a stick to open it. You can make a piñata by using an inflated balloon and papier mâché, or decorate a white bag to simulate an egg. Kids enjoy the building anticipation as the piñata begins to crack and shower them with candy.

Glow in the Dark Hunt

Use glow sticks and larger plastic eggs to create an indoor “in the dark” hunt. You may choose to have the kids find a certain number of glowing eggs to “buy” their basket.

A Puzzling Hunt

Buy a blank puzzle at your local craft store. Draw an Easter message for your kids, giving them the information they need to find their basket. Place puzzle pieces in plastic eggs and let the fun begin. When the puzzle is assembled they follow the clue to their Easter goodies.

Relay Hunt

With a larger group of children, divide into teams and have one person from each team hunt for a given amount of time, return to tag the next player and continue until all the kids have had a turn. Provide some sort of extra treat for the winning team. (Be sure everyone gets a fair amount of treats after the hunt).

More than Candy Hunt

Fill some of your plastic eggs with small toys or tickets to receive the toys after the hunt. Toys might include balls, tiny bunnies or chicks, finger puppets or anything else appropriate for the kids in your group.

-Jan Pierce

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