School is out and every parent dreads the words “I have nooothing to doooo.” Atlanta Parent is here to help. From June 1 through Aug. 4, we'll post a different activity every day on Our “65 Days of Summer Fun” is also packed with prizes and deals from some of our favorite partners. So next time you hear that familiar whine, visit for fun ideas and activities great for the whole family.

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Activity: Make a Stepping Stone

Stepping stones are beautiful additions to any garden or lawn, especially when they are handmade by your kids. Here is a fun summer activity that will bring out the artist in everyone and add decoration to your yard.
What you will need:
Cake pan (any shape you like)
Cooking spray
Sand dough

To make sand dough: Mix 1 part white glue with 2 parts flour, 2 parts water and 2 parts sand. Add water or flour depending on the consistency of the mixture.
Spray the cake pan with cooking spray and then fill with sand dough. Allow to dry for three days. When the dough is completely dry, remove the stone from the pan and let the kids paint away. If you want to make the stone waterproof, spray it with Varathane and let dry. Now your garden is bright and colorful, perfect for those outdoor summer parties!

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