Crepe Revolution
4600 West Village Place, Smyrna; 770-485-7440
Lunch hours: Tues.-Fri., 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
Dinner hours: Tues.-Thurs., 5 p.m.-9 p.m.; Fri. & Sat. until 10 p.m.;
Sun. until 9 p.m. Weekend brunch: Sat. & Sun., 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
(closed on Mondays)

A restaurant with a French word in its name may not seem “kid-friendly,” but Crepe Revolution in Smyrna is a very family-oriented place. Crayons and coloring pages are on hand, and tots of all ages are welcome. Service is quick and the food is delicious. On warm days, patrons are welcome to dine on an outdoor patio. After dinner, take a stroll around the West Village shopping center; this will help you feel less guilty about having just enjoyed mouth-watering dessert crepes.
What’s on the menu: There’s so much to choose from that it can take a while to decide, but every member of the family should be able to find appealing options. Mom wants Mexican? The Carne Asada crepe should have her covered. Dad’s in the mood for Thai? Consider the Chicken Thai Peanut crepe.
In addition to starters such as ginger crab rolls, duck salad, corn chowder soup, or chicken fingers with “grown up” dipping sauces, including sweet lemon barbecue and sesame-ginger, there’s a large selection of entrée crepes: chipotle pork, jerk chicken, chicken pesto, curry chicken, smoked salmon, crab cake and plenty more. Get creative  by customizing your own crepe. You choose a crepe batter, then also choose  meat/seafood, veggies, seasonings, herbs and nuts, cheese and sauce. All crepe entrees come with the choice of one side. If a crepe is not your style, the menu offers a couple of traditional items such as filet mignon and blackened tilapia. Room for dessert? A wide array of dessert crepes await. Kids love to try the cookies-and-cream crepes filled with Oreo cookie crumbs, pudding and whipped cream. Parents might opt for a variety that has strawberries, chocolate sauce and powdered sugar.
Why kids will like it: Kid-happy choices include chicken fingers, pasta and the split dog (basically a hot dog). The enterprising kid who wants the crepe “experience” can go for the mac ’n’ cheese crepe, grilled cheese crepe, or the crepe quesadilla. Another plus: The food at Crepe Revolution always seems to come out surprisingly fast. Kids may barely have enough time to finish puzzles and other activities on the children’s menu before their meal arrives.
Why parents will like it: Three words: fast, fresh and delicious. Also, while the dinner items on the adult menus are reasonably priced ($8-$15), the prices on the children’s menu are well worth the trip; most cost between $3 and $4. For a sit-down meal, you can’t beat that!
– Roni Singleton Jeter

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