The cans of saucy, over-processed ravioli are on strike! Help your kids learn kitchen basics and healthy habits by sending them to a cooking class. And hey, maybe they’ll be the ones making dinner one night soon.

California Pizza Kitchen

Kids love pizza, so why not give them a chance to learn how to make their own? California Pizza Kitchen offers behind-the-scenes tours of the kitchen and restaurant. Visitors learn the secret to making (and eating) a perfect pizza pie, receive a goodie bag, and get to enjoy a delicious dessert. You need at least a small group to get the tour; maximum of 10-12 kids for one time. Tours are free for schools and nonprofit organizations. If your kids want to grab a few friends to form a group, the cost will be $10 per person. Ages 10 and younger. Find a location at

Hal’s Kitchen

For the older child who’s looking to whip up his own culinary masterpiece, try Hal’s Kitchen in Sandy Springs. Chefs Hal’s Kitchen teach 12 and older the ins and outs of a fully equipped kitchen and provides chefs-in-training with plenty of hands-on tasks. Fees for each course include all supplies and edibles. Hal’s Kitchen is located at  206B Johnson Ferry Rd., Sandy Springs. 404-847-6991.

Salud! Cooking School at Whole Foods

Teaching kids to make tasty meals could be as close as your local Whole Foods Market. Yes, in addition to cooking classes for adults, Whole Foods also has classes for the younger set. Complete schedule at

Young Chef’s Academy

Kids learn everything from kitchen safety to baking techniques to table setting. There’s even a “kindercooks” class for ages 3-6. Some previous menus from the class? Ask your kids how Denver omelets, eggnog pancakes and molasses whipped cream sound. With three metro-Atlanta locations, there’s bound to be a conveniently located school. Find one near you and view the class schedule at

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