Pick up some of these books and kitchen products for your chef-in-training. Also check our our list of kids cooking classes in Atlanta  and meet four junior chefs who are making a stir in the kitchen. 

Kid-Approved Cookbooks

“Cooking Class” by Deanna F. Cook: More than 50 recipes for ages 6-12 complete with kid-friendly language for cooking basics. This includes tips for getting ready to cook, food prep, kitchen vocabulary and clean up advice.

“Kids Cooking” by Klutz: This kid-friendly cookbook includes step-by-step photos to help kids learn kitchen basics. The book contains a mix of classic recipes, like French Toast with Strawberry Butter, and modern flavors, like the Aloha Sushi Burrito.

“Kid Chef: The Foodie Kids Cookbook” by Melina Hammer: This cookbook could fit right in with adult cookbooks, with tons of savory photos of food. Kids will learn kitchen basics from food prep to types of bakeware and utensils.

“Complete Children’s Cookbook” by DK Books: More than 150 kid-friendly recipes divided into nine chapters including breakfast, soups, light bites and more. Recipe instructions are easy to follow and include a photo for each step.

Products for Kids Who Love to Cook

Pick up some of these products for your chef-in-training.

Real Cooking Princess Cakes Deluxe Baking Set: Forget the Easy-Bake Ovens, kids can use this pan, roller and cutter to bake a princess or fairy cake in their own oven (with an adult’s help).

Williams-Sonoma Kid Cookware: Williams-Sonoma has a great lineup of kid-sized cookware from the Junior Chef line, including pots, pans, bakeware and aprons. The store also offers the American Girl collection with colorful bake sets, utensils and cookware. New this season, the Harry Potter and Star Wars sets with movie-themed aprons and spatulas.

Curious Chef: This Company makes real, mini cooking tools and sets perfect for little hands. They have everything from plastic knives to measuring sets to mixing bowls.

Kitchen Helper Stools: One of the best ways to get young kids in the action is to purchase a kitchen helper stool. Kids can climb or be placed into the stool (which makes them tall enough to reach the counter) and help with age-appropriate tasks such as sorting or mixing. The stools can be found on various websites.

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