If you want to add a little lit to your child’s Easter basket, here are five new Easter-season books we like.

by Felicia Barman

Peter Rabbit Easter Surprise

by Beatrix Potter (The Penguin Group, $6.99) Ages 3-5

It’s always exciting to see a brand new tale featuring a classic storybook character – none other than Peter Rabbit. We follow Peter as he scurries through the forrest to gather his friends in time to witness a wonderful Easter surprise. As a bonus, little ones will enjoy touching the 3-D image of Peter on the cover.

Brave Squish Rabbit

by Katherine Battersby (Viking, $12.99) Ages 2 and up

Squish the Rabbit is afraid of almost everything – even chickens! Most of all, he’s afraid of the dark, as most children are. Luckily, Squish can always count on his trusty friend Twitch to help him forget his fear. But one night, Twitch goes missing. Now it’s up to Squish to overcome his greatest fear and search through the dark of night for his dear friend.

Miss Maple’s Seeds

by Eliza Wheeler (Nancy Paulsen Books, $16.99) Ages 3-5

The author uses elaborate illustrations to help tell the story of Miss Maple, a dear old lady who cares for various young seeds as if they were her own children. Over the winter months, she provides them with shelter and warmth. She even reads them bedtime stories each night. As springtime approaches, we have mixed emotions when Miss Maple must send her seeds off to grow on their own, much like sending our children off for their first day school.

Marley and the Great Easter Egg Hunt

by John Grogan (Harper Collins Publishers, $9.99) Ages 4-8

Marley, a precocious yet lovable dog, is on a mission to help his family find an extra-special Easter egg in his town’s annual Easter egg hunt. Every time Marley thinks he’s discovered the special egg in a unique hiding spot, he ends up making a mess. Little does he know that the egg might be closer than he thinks as he races to the finish.

The Passover Lamb

by Linda Elovitz Marshall (Random House, $17.99) Ages 6-9

This heartwarming tale tells the story of a young, compassionate girl named Miriam who is preparing to play a large role in her family’s seder, a special Passover meal. As she tends to the animals on her family’s farm, she is called to take care of a newborn lamb who is shunned by its mother. Miriam must decide – does she miss the seder to take care of the helpless lamb, or does she leave the lamb to perform her important role? Miriam’s decision will not disappoint.

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