( Pool Your Resources )

An inexpensive wading pool ($10 or less) is a no-brainer for backyard fun, but with a little creativity you can take it to the next level. Set up a circuit of several pools and make each station something different. Try shaving foam in one, food coloring in another. One could be filled with bubbles and another could have a stash of water toys for mock battles. Keep a water hose nearby for rinse-offs before and after each stop.

( Water Balloons – Still a Favorite! )

What kid doesn’t love filling up balloons with water? The trick is keeping them from launching them at each other – and you. So throw a water balloon toss tournament by pairing neighborhood kids and letting them toss a balloon back and forth to each other (the kid who drops a balloon is out). Anyone up for a game of water balloon hot potato? How about water balloon touch football? 

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