Experience an escape room in Atlanta for a fun time with your family and friends. Scenarios are created, and you have 60 minutes to save yourself, your friends and family. Build a good team and practice your puzzle and problem-solving skills. Can you keep your wits about you? Even in a pseudo-emergency situation? Or will the panic consume you and cause you to fail? There’s only one way to know. Try out these escape rooms:

Amazing Escape

You’re trapped in a mountain cabin! No, wait, there’s a mysterious virus that will destroy everyone! Nope, I was wrong. You’ve been framed for a crime you didn’t commit. Or maybe you had an epic night in Vegas, and now you can’t find all your stuff! Best of luck, and I hope you can recover in the slightly more limiting 45 minutes at this Norcross venue. Norcross.

Big Escape Rooms

Feeding into your worst nightmares, Big Escape Rooms has four different escapes. You can try to save the world (and your team) from a deadly virus, try to get away from a bloodthirsty clown or pharaoh, or try to get out of the locker room before your team has to forfeit the basketball game. Your dreams may haunt you later. Atlanta.

Breakout Games

This escape room has eight options: stop a runaway train, outsmart a kidnapper, find a collection of stolen artwork, be horrified in a creepy mansion, kidnapping or hostage situation, use your spy experience to track the bad guy or do some quick thinking to save your people from an unpleasantly hot death. Atlanta and Peachtree Corners.

Escape the Netherworld

Netherworld Haunted House has opened an escape room and laser tag battle arena. Choose to escape the shark god of Molokai on Tiki Island, run from Sasquatch, travel to 1900s London England with Nosferatu, or discover the secret of the Night Hag with Haunted. Stone Mountain.

Escape the Room Atlanta

Located on Peachtree Road, this venue offers hopefuls a chance to try their luck with a small apartment, an 80s-themed rec room (oh, the hair) or a newsroom. They doubt you’ll escape on your own, but they promise to let you out . . . eventually. Atlanta.

Escape Woods

If the idea of being locked in a room is too much, try being stuck outdoors instead. Located in Powder Springs, Escape Woods is a part of Sleepy Hollow Farm and has options in adventure and haunted games that take place on the farmland. Powder Springs.

Mastermind Escape Rooms

This unique locale hosts escape rooms and a break room. Pick one of six challenges, everything from magical mystery to superhero status. Or take a literal break, suit up and take out your frustrations on a number of inanimate objects. Peachtree City and Sandy Springs.

Mission: Escape Atlanta

Is it impossible? Bring your sleuthing skills to spy on a millionaire, or perhaps work on your Morse code skills to free your friends from a lonely psycho. Atlanta.

Paranoia Quest

Is everyone coming to get you? Try out this escape venue for a chance to find out if the world is really against you. Zombies, murder, intrigue and more. Atlanta and Buford.

Project: Escape

Although you may think you are an experienced artist, only time will tell the game master if that’s true. Take one of these five challenges in Marietta, and really push yourself by setting it to Beast Mode. Marietta.

Room Escape Atlanta

Maybe you won’t ever make it into a movie, but you can pretend at Room Escape Atlanta. Choose from one of two levels with a zombie out for brains, try to escape Jigsaw or the 80s, or take your chances on expired residents who may have left you some clues. Atlanta.

The Escapery

Marietta’s own answer to the craze of puzzle-solving and team-building, The Escapery is an opportunity to help a secret agent complete his mission, stop a notorious serial killer or travel through time. Marietta.

The Escape Game

Choose from five adventures: escape from prison, find gold, pass your last class before summer vacation, recover a priceless painting, or uncover the truth with your fellow field agents. Atlanta.

Time to Escape

Can you find your way out of Alcatraz? Infiltrate Al Capone’s inside world? Find King Tut’s tomb before you get kicked out of Egypt? Or, perhaps the biggest question, can you do it in an hour? Atlanta.

Urban Escape

A jewel thief. An FBI agent. The inventor trapped in time. A CDC official. Which one will you choose? And how in the world will you accomplish the task set before you? Alpharetta.

Ultimate Escape Game Atlanta

Choose from different difficulty levels with these five adventures. Erase all evidence incriminating your employers, escape an underwater research facility, unlock a safe containing the secret Cola formula, discover the truth behind an amnesic patient’s mysterious past, or defeat the Axis Powers during World War II. Atlanta.

Vroom Vroom Escape Room

A catchy name and an escape room that comes to you—what more could you want? Maybe deceptively simple scenarios like the company break room or your own dorm room would be helpful. But the real question is, do you have what it takes? Mobile Escape Room.

– Shelly Gable and Emily Webb

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