Museum Heist: Escape to Adventure

Imagine you’re on a covert mission. You must break into a residence, recover stolen artwork and get out – all in 60 minutes. To find the art, you must work with your team to solve multiple challenges.

My husband, twin 14-year-old daughters and I experienced this when we played Museum Heist at Breakout Games Atlanta. The game is one of eight adventures at Breakout Games. Set up in rooms that accommodate up to 8 players, each interactive adventure has furniture, props and a storyline to make them seem real.

Daniel, our game master at the Buckhead location, explained the rules of Museum Heist. To my relief, we could hit the “panic button” to open the door if we needed restrooms or a break, but it wouldn’t stop the countdown clock.

Because he’d be watching us from the overhead cameras, we could ask for up to three clues and one lifeline.

As a Nancy Drew aficionado, I didn’t think I would need any help. How wrong I was! Just solving the first puzzle proved challenging. Thankfully, Daniel’s suggestions over the loudspeaker steered us along. Constantly aware of the countdown clock on the wall, we started collaborating. High energy filled the room as we discovered clues, encountered surprising twists, unlocked secret codes and then … the buzzer sounded and the game was over.

We were so close. Despite not breaking out in the allotted time, we laughed a lot and enjoyed bonding as a family. In hindsight, my advice is to ask for help sooner instead of staying stuck in one spot.

Parents love participating with their kids in a completely different way. “I liked that it engaged our minds,” my husband commented. Because everyone uses “outside the box” thinking, the game is better suited for upper elementary school age and older kids.

Kids love the feeling of accomplishment when they crack codes and contribute as an integral team member. “That was intense,” our daughter Allison said. Now she’s begging to have a birthday party there.

Our other daughter Grace, who usually prefers alone time and video games, summed it up perfectly. “It was fun. It was awesome.  And, we are definitely coming back!”

– Rebecca Ruffin Leffler

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