Everyone should get the chance to feel special on this sweet day, so check use our ideas below to shower your family with love! There are plenty of fun ways to make someone’s day!

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A heart-shaped breakfast is a fun way to start the day. Think heart-shaped pancakes, eggs, biscuits or toast with strawberry jelly, using a metal, heart-shaped cookie cutter.


Dress in a special outfit, with the color scheme being pink, red, purple and white. Or just go extra fancy!


It doesn’t matter if your child is in school, homeschooled or too young to be in school, decorating a box for Valentine’s Day goodies is a must. A shoe box works, as does a large plastic ice cream bucket. Just cut a hole in the lid big enough to handle cards, notes and treats, and decorate it with crepe paper, glitter glue and more!


Sugar cookies are a necessity. Drag out the baking supplies (or buy the cookie dough in a roll), the frosting and the sprinkles and make a mess together in the kitchen.


While your kids sleep, decorate their bedroom doors with heart-shaped sticky notes in the shape of a wreath that say all of the things you love about them. Older kids may act like this is dorky, but inside they’ll be glowing!


Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate! Set out some festive candies in a heart-shaped bowl for a sweet treat.


Flowers in February brighten up anyone’s day. If you don’t expect to receive any, buy them for yourself! If your child is old enough to enjoy a flower instead of eating it, place one pink or red carnation or rose in a bud vase in your child’s room.


Red, white and pink cards and heart-shaped notes are a must on this day! Buy or make some for your own kids, but don’t forget about nieces, nephews, the friends of your kids, your spouse, elderly neighbors and more. Even with all the technology we enjoy, everyone still loves to get snail mail!


This is a great day to surprise your child with a small gift like a book, stuffed animal, stickers or craft supplies, wrapped in heart wrapping paper, of course!


Make a Valentine Tree for your family. Start by drawing the trunk of a tree on construction paper and cut out heart-shaped leaves in different colors. Write reasons you love each person on a heart and glue the leaves to the tree. Tape it to the refrigerator as a daily reminder of your love.


Break out that heart-shaped cookie cutter from breakfast to cut out a heart-shaped sandwich for your child’s lunch. And why not write a silly poem to your child and pop it in their lunch bag?

Valentines are red
Roses can be yellow
I love you
I wanted to say hello!


Don’t forget about your pets! You can order a heart-shaped food/water bowl at Amazon for just a few bucks and show your pet some love all year long.


On the menu for dinner: easy heart-shaped pizza. Just shape the dough into a large heart, then add the toppings your family loves.


End this lovely day by snuggling up to watch A Charlie Brown Valentine or another cute Valentine’s Day special with a character your child loves.

-Kerrie McLoughlin

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