Tired of the store-bought “Finding Dory” or “Minions” Valentine’s cards? Spend a few hours crafting these homemade creations with the kids.

Friendship Bracelet

If your kid is into making bracelets out of yarn, let her make enough to give her class. After she does this, print out this clever saying onto card stock, or visit dandee-designs.com for the printable. Then cut the saying into circles, hole-punch the edges and thread the bracelet through the circles.

Source: dandee-designs.com

Heart Straw

Purchase heart straws from a craft or party store (this blogger found her’s at the dollar store in packages of six). Create this printable on your computer, or visit itsalwaysautumn.com to print out her version. Hole punch the edges and stick the straw through them, using tape to keep in place if needed.

Source: itsalwaysautumn.com

Crayon Hearts

Take the leftover crayons that always end up broken in the craft box and turn them into something new for your child’s class. First take the crayons and remove all of the paper wrapping, you can do this by soaking in warm water then peeling and drying. Cut the crayons into smaller pieces and place them into a heart-shaped silicone mold and pop them into the oven. Once melted and cooled, you can pop them out and hot glue them to hand-made Valentine’s cards.

Source: thenerdswife.com

Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Buy packs of Tic Tacs (packs with two different colors inside) and hand-draw a Tic-Tac-Toe board on a small piece of card stock. Wrap the board and Tic Tacs inside a clear bag and tie with ribbon of your choice.

Source: 3garlandgirls.blogspot.com

Matchbox Cars

Buy a pack of cheap Matchbox cars from your local party supply store (most sell them in packs), or find some old ones. Make your own or download the printable from loveandlion.blogspot.com. Use colorful or patterned washi tape to attach the cars to the cards.

Source: loveandlion.blogspot.com

Dino-mite Cards

Pick up plastic dinosaurs or dinosaur erasers from your local craft store or party supply store. Make your own or print out this printable from hellodesignmeetlife.com. Punch holes in the sides of the card and thread string around the dinosaurs and through the holes. Tie a bow to secure the plastic dinosaur.

Source: hellodesignmeetlife.com

Noodle Necklace

Your toddler will love creating these necklaces to hand out to her class. Cover a table with newspaper and let your child go wild with paint and dry noodles. Once these noodles dry, have her help string them onto a piece of yarn to make necklaces. Download a printable from thealisonshow.com or make your own. Attach your necklaces to the cards.

Source: thealisonshow.com

You Rule

Purchase rulers and heart stickers from the dollar store or local office supply store. These printables from relocatedliving.com read “you rule,” or you can make your own. Cut slits on either side for the ruler to run through then decorate with sticker hearts.

Source: relocatedliving.com

– Teresa Farkas

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