best kid friendly desserts and places in Atlanta

Doughnut Cone at Screamin’ Nuts | Leah Faupel

When you want to go beyond a cookie from the pantry, try one of these Atlanta spots serving up the best kid-friendly desserts! Warning: If you read on, drooling may occur.

Doughnut Cone at Screamin’ Nuts 

If your littles love ice cream and doughnuts, you’ll want to check out this spot for wild flavors of small batch ice creams and house-made doughnuts. The locally roasted coffees have mom and dad covered, too. We couldn’t believe the soft, flaky doughnut cone could stand up to PB Oreo or Strawberry Cheesecake scoops, but it can! That cherry on top? It’s a mini-doughnut!

Red Velvet Cookie at Sugar Shack in the Back 

The dessert spot behind The Fickle Pickle  serves up sweets like cookies, brownies and ice cream. But our pick is the red velvet cookie, with it’s brilliant color and swirl of vanilla cream cheese icing on top.

Lemonade Cake at Wright’s Gourmet 

Buy a freshly cut slice or take home a whole cake for special occasion. The cakes at Wright’s are moist and light, with bright flavors like pucker-up lemonade with plenty of icing.

Fruity Pebbles Doughnut | Sublime Doughnuts

Fruity Pebbles Doughnut at Sublime Doughnuts 

This ‘nut is a light and airy bite with strawberry cream cheese icing and a generous sprinkle of that colorful cereal! And it couldn’t look more fun. Make it a dozen, mixed flavors, so you can try some like dulce de leche and sweet potato.

Cookie Monster Ice Cream at Morelli’s 

The flavors change frequently at Morelli’s, but some of the tried and true classics will always please the kids. This one is an all-star: cookie dough ice cream stuffed with Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chips and swirled with fudge.

S’mores Pie | Pie Par

S’mores Pie at Pie Bar 

Rich chocolate, toasted marshmallow and graham cracker crust make the s’mores pie a delish slice. Find it on Fridays and Saturdays; a great way to celebrate the weekend!

Vanilla Hokkaido Cupcake at Sweet Hut Bakery

For the very young, not much beats a tasty vanilla cupcake. Light and spongy Japanese cupcakes are filled with sweet vanilla buttercream.

Cinnamon Rolls | Dulce Vegan

Cinnamon Rolls at Dulce Vegan 

Vegan and allergan-free baked treats are on display at Dulce, where you’ll often find fancy rainbow cakes and wildly colored cupcakes. But the ooey, gooey cinnamon rolls are a multi-napkin experience not to miss.

Hot Chocolate Deluxe at Café Intermezzo 

The cakes, pies and tortes are great here. But kids crave a cuppa, the European way. Steamed cream, and Dutch chocolate combine with fresh Schlag (real whipped cream) and shaved dark chocolate. Use a spoon; this is not a sipper!

Superhero Snoball at Pelican’s Snoballs 

Snowy shaved ice drizzled with colorful flavored syrups is a winner with most kids. Try the Superhero Blue Raspberry and Cherry or Shark Attack.

Coca Cola Cupcake | West Egg Cafe

Coca-Cola Cupcake at West Egg Café 

Is there a more celebrated cupcake in all of Atlanta? The Café’s top selling dessert is made from a family recipe. The flavor is like a mellow caramel, and it’s fun to think about eating Coke instead of drinking it.

Big Chain Faves

Frosted Orange at The Varsity 
Triple Chocolate Pie at Waffle House 
Dirt ‘n Worms Concrete at Freddy’s 
Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie at Chili’s 

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