An Exciting Taste

of Big Apple Circus

High-energy performers had my family on the edge of our seats as we watched jugglers, acrobats, clowns, and animals under the big top. Luminocity by the Big Apple Circus captured the feeling of being in Times Square, with its unique cast of characters, its lighted billboards, backdrop of skyscrapers, and a live band performing from a metal stand that resembled fire escapes outside NYC buildings. 

My three girls, ages 8 and 12, agreed there was never a dull moment as the one-ring circus kept the thrills coming act after act. The two-hour show (with a 10 minute intermission) kicked off with
Ty Tojo, a Guinness Book of World Records three-time title holder. He juggled no less than 7 balls at a time, in front and behind his body, all without error. Acrobats jumped from teeter boards on to men stacked three people high. Dogs and horses performed impressive tricks, led by expert animal trainer Jenny Vidbel. A husband and wife high-wire act, Duo Guerrero, gave a hold-your-breath performance as they took turns standing on each other's shoulders, balancing on chairs, and jumping rope. All of this took place while Aura, the female half of the duo, sang for the audience! In between acts, a clown performed and included audience members in his antics. The entire show kept up an exciting pace until the grand finale.

Our girls appreciated being so close to the action and felt a part of the show. At the end of the night we all piled in the car with smiles on our faces.

Regardless of ticket price, each seat had excellent views. There were kiosks selling programs and souvenirs but, to my relief, our kids did not feel bombarded by vendors selling light-up trinkets and cotton candy. We were able to enjoy the show without a request to buy anything.

Jennifer Haslam

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