1/2 Plastic Gallon Milk (or juice) Jug
1″ Strips of Newspaper
Acrylic Paint/Paintbrushes
Sharp Craft Knife for Adult Use Only
Various small boxes, containers, or scraps of cardboard
Masking Tape
Elmer's Papier Mache Art Paste or Homemade Papier Mache Mix
Various types of trim, feathers, pipe cleaners, buttons, styrofoam balls, construction paper scraps

Homemade Papier Mache:  Equal parts flour and water or until mixture is the consistency of pancake batter

An adult must cut the jug in half vertically.  Either side may be used (handle side or other side).  Adults will cut eye holes into the plastic.
Noses, ears, muzzles, or horns may be fashioned out of cardboard or any recyclable material.  Attach very well with masking tape.  This will get strengthened during the papier mache process.  When you have the animal mask form that you wish to make, apply several thin layers of the newspaper strips dipped into the papier mache mixture.  Use your fingers like a squeegee to remove excess papier mache.  Make sure you cover the mask very well.  This may take several applications.  Be sure to extend your newspaper strips around the cut edge of the jug.  This helps the papier mache adhere and keeps the sharp plastic edge from cutting the wearer.  When the mask is dry, paint it like the animal you envisioned and add any trim you have on hand that will enhance it!



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