As a busy mom of three, I am always looking for fun activities to do with my kids. I also crave moments where I can have one-on-one time with each of them – not an easy task at my house these days. Whether it is with all three together – or on an individual basis, letter boxing has recently become a fun activity for my family.

What is letterboxing?
You find a clue on the letterboxing website, gather your supplies, travel to the area and follow the clues to find the box. It is usually a small container that has been hidden, and inside you find a rubber stamp and a journal. You bring with you your own journal, a rubber stamp and an ink pad. After you locate the box you then stamp the box’s journal, and you stamp your journal with the box’s rubber stamp. You return original contents to the box, and replace it. It’s sort of like,”Take a penny, Leave a penny.”

How does it differ from Geocaching?
In Geocaching, you usually enter in a long number into your GPS to find out how to come within 20 feet of the Geocache. With letterboxing, you do not have to deal with that long number. Geocachers also collect prizes – rather than stamps in a book.

How old should my child be?
This is fun for all ages, but it is great for the smaller crowd because the walks are shorter to the box’s location. And if your child is old enough to appreciate “treasure boxes,” then this activity is perfect!

How do I get started?
Log on to for more information. The boxes can be found anywhere – in parks, colleges/universities, businesses, etc. Locally, there are many finds – especially in Roswell, Tucker and Stone Mountain.  And letterboxing is also a great activity to do when traveling.

What supplies do I need?
Weather appropriate clothing and shoes, bug spray/sunscreen, GPS, a compass, a small journal or notebook, ink pad, pen and a rubber stamp (either a store-bought stamp, or you can carve your own).

Who “plants” letterboxes?
Anyone can plant one, and it is an especially popular Girl Scout activity.

So get out there, find a letterbox, and have lots of fun!  

– Cindy Moss

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