When it’s time to snuggle up for some QTT (quality TV time), wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the show your kid just HAS to watch? We think so. Here are some top picks for kid-pleasing TV shows that parents also love. Also, check out our guide to cutting the cord to cable.

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Julie’s Greenroom

Who doesn’t love Julie Andrews? And don’t we all have a soft spot for Jim Henson puppets? Put those both together and you’ve got a charming show about the magic of performing arts. Puppet kids Fizz, Spike, Hank, Riley and Peri have the great fortune to be mentored by the legendary Andrews, plus special guest stars, who teach and encourage these Greenies as they create art. Netflix.

Team Umizoomi

First off, the name is just plain fun to say. This team of siblings and their friendly robot (Bot) help fellow kids in Umi City with math problems, teaching viewers basic concepts along the way. Episodes tackle counting, sequencing, measuring, shapes and patterns while showing how math really does apply to the real (or fictitious) world around us. Nick Jr.

Sarah and Duck

The recipe is simple: a girl, a duck, and a whole lot of heart. Sarah (age 7) and her best friend Duck explore the world together in this BBC import with British accents. Their adventures demonstrate the importance and value of friendship, using imagination and problem-solving. Netflix.

Yo Gabba Gabba

DJ Lance Rock and crew really do rock. This quirky, trippy show features five friendly monsters and a mix of animation, live action and musical guest stars. Each episode covers a single topic, like friends or dance, and encourages singing and dancing along with lessons about life and social skills told through song, like the popular, “Don’t Bite Your Friends.” Netflix.


Based on the American-Canadian children’s book series, this British animated show follows the adventures of the Octonauts, a group of eight underwater animals. Trekkies can appreciate the exploration of new aquatic worlds and the crew’s save-the-day attitude.  Episode topics are based on real marine animals and their habitats and encourage environmental care of sea life and oceans along with imaginative play. Netflix, Disney Jr. online.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

If you have fond memories of Mr. Rogers, you might remember the Neighborhood of Make Believe from his show was the birthplace of Daniel and friends. Daniel speaks directly to the viewers of this show, making it easy for parents and kids to “talk with” him. Also, the musical elements used in the show to reinforce themes are so catch you won’t mind that you’ll be humming them later. PBS.

Super Why!

One of the best shows about reading, and developing a love of reading Super Why! (Wyatt) and pals look in a book often to solve problems. Encountering classic fairy tale characters, the friends explore concepts of friendship and teamwork and demonstrate what’s so great about books. The best part? After it’s over, it’s an easy transition from TV time to reading time! PBS, Netflix.

Tumble Leaf

Science! Finally, an animated children’s show about science that isn’t too classroom-ish. A small blue fox named Fig explores his fictional world through play, learning about simple scientific topics like shadows and pulleys. He and his pals are fun to watch, and each episode is divided into two 11-minute stories, so it’s easy to pause and pick up later when you have other things going on. Amazon.

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