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How do you keep track of your kids’ schedules? Having a planner has been incredibly helpful to my son (and me!) to make sure he doesn’t miss any assignments. Here’s what a planner can do:

Keep Track of Commitments

Kids have hectic schedules with homework, tests, extracurricular activities, social outings and family time. By having one place to write down all of the moving parts, your kids will not get overwhelmed by their to-do list. Dr. Maggie Wray, a success skills coach and mentor for teens and young adults, says writing down assignments in real time as the teacher announces them makes it easier for students to remember their assignments.

Manage Time

Planners offer a visual reminder of tasks that can be crossed off when finished to help kids stay on task in a more productive way. The daily, weekly, and monthly calendar features can be especially helpful so students can see an overview of a chunk of time to help them better plan and balance their commitments.

Be More Mindful

Planners help free up space in our kids’ brains so they can focus on other important things like creativity or critical thinking skills. When students jot down their assignments and activities in a planner, their brains can stop struggling to keep track of everything they still must work on. Instead, they can pay closer attention, learn more effectively and complete their work more efficiently.

Serves as a Journal

Most planners include inspirational quotes and writing prompts so students can record their thoughts, feelings and memories. I especially love journals that include a place to list what we are thankful for on a daily basis since gratitude is so critical to a happy, healthy lifestyle. Encourage your older children and teens to use their planners as a journal and to keep them so they can look back at them years from now.

Helps Your Child Achieve Goals

Planners can guide your children so they can easily set and achieve their goals throughout the year. From small goals like finishing their daily math homework to larger goals like making honor roll, their planner will help bring their dreams to fruition. With each milestone they check off their list, they will feel a major sense of accomplishment.

– Sandi Schwartz

Kids’ Planners to Check Out

The Happy Planner KIDS™

These fun, colorful planners allow kids to decorate and then get organized. The set includes four sticker sheets, washi tape and sticky note pads as well as week and month views.

Yoobi Planners 

Yoobi makes planners in whimsical designs from unicorn to banana patterns. There are color-in sheets and margins for note-taking and doodles.

Kahootie Co® Kids Academic Planner

Kids can take part in managing their busy lives with school, chores and after school activities. Features goal-setting and a two-page snapshot of the week.

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