Eggs hunts are the classic Easter activity, but there are other ways to have fun with friends and family. Here are some ideas.

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Color-Coordinated Egg Hunt

Color coordinate your Easter egg hunt. Take different colors of plastic eggs and assign each child their own color, and tell them they can only collect eggs of that specific color. Another twist for older kids—assign points to colors of eggs, for example: pink for five points, yellow for ten points and so on. In the end the kid with the most points wins a prize.

Egg Hunt Relay

Hide plastic eggs around the backyard. Have two teams of players line up in lines side by side. The first person in each line goes and finds the first egg and then returns to their team. Every person in line must find an egg, and the team who finds all of the eggs first wins.

Easter Guessing Game

Fill a larger-size Easter egg with small items that you find around your house (toothpick, paper clip, staple, push pin, etc.) When guests arrive tell them the egg is filled with 20 items, and have each guest write down what they think is inside. Once each person has written down their guesses (you can set a time limit), take the items out of the egg and display on the table. Whoever guesses the most amount of items correctly wins.

Blindfold Bunny Plates

Add a twist to the paper plate bunny craft: blindfold the kids and give them supplies to make bunny plates (paper plate, eyes, paper ears, whiskers and a pom pom tail). In a sort of pin-the-tail on-the-donkey fashion, let them cover the plates with the bunny’s tail, eyes, ears, etc. This can make for some silly creations once finished, and can become a competition, too! Decorate the plates just for fun, or give the kid with the most closely-decorated bunny plate (to the real thing) a prize.

Egg Toss

Have players stand and face each other. Give each player on one side an egg—these can be raw or hard-boiled and colored. You may want to consider the raw eggs for older players. Have players toss the eggs across to their partner without dropping or breaking. If a player drops the egg, they are out for that round. The team that never drops the egg wins. Make sure to play this outside.

Egg Splat Painting

Save leftover eggshells after eating the eggs or crack the top of an egg carton full of eggs and empty out the whites and yolk. Place the shells back into the carton and allow to dry for a day or so. Fill each egg with a different color of paint. Purchase a blank canvas or piece of poster board and lean it against a chair or stool in the backyard. Take the paint-filled eggs and glue a square of tissue paper to cover the hole. Let kids take turns throwing the eggs at the blank canvas or board—they will have a blast discovering all of the colors inside the eggs. Make sure to change out of nice Easter clothes first!

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