Get festive and creative this Easter with celebrations at home, in your yard or around the neighborhood.

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Kids will love creating these fun Easter crafts and recipe ideas.

Show the Spirit

Create Easter decorations to hang around your home or yard with egg ornaments, bunnies, chicks or spring flowers.

Involve the Neighborhood

Ask families in the neighborhood to hang Easter eggs, coloring pages or signs in their windows. Next time your family goes on a walk through the neighborhood, see who can spot the most.

Get Scientific

Experiment with science with this Easter Egg Rocket project from KiwiCo. Decorate plastic eggs. Head outside with the eggs, and place two fizzy tablets into the bottom half of the egg. Fill the top half about halfway with water. Quickly close the egg and step back. Pay attention to how far the egg flies!

Rock Out

Paint rocks to look like decorated Easter eggs. Place them throughout the neighborhood on spots by the sidewalk so your family and others can search for them while walking.

Get Decorative

Decorate and dye your own eggs. Create dyes by combining ½ cup boiling water, 1 teaspoon vinegar and 10 drops food color. Dip eggs for five minutes, or until the desired shade is reached. Make patterns with stickers, rubber bands or tape before dipping eggs in dye. Remove after eggs dry.

Connect with Family

Usually, you may travel to a family or friend’s house to celebrate the holiday together. Share what was special about the day with loved ones through Zoom, or hold an Easter storytime. Send Easter-themed cards a few days before the holiday.

Bunny Hop

Put on some dance tunes and get your groove on. To do the Bunny Hop, dance in a line or circle and hold onto the person near you. Tap the floor two times with your left foot, then your right foot before hopping forwards, backwards and three hops forward to end the sequence.

Move Night

Stream an Easter-themed or bunny-themed movie, such as “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown,” “Hop,” “Rise of the Guardians,” “Zootopia” or “Peter Rabbit.”

Egg Hunt Twists

Mix It Up

Fill plastic eggs with non-candy treats to add variety and limit sugar, such as coins, eraser, finger puppets and other small toys.

Prize Egg

If your kids are older, have one egg be the prize egg with a bit of cash.

Make It Last

Extend the egg hunting fun by placing Easter baskets in one location. Children have to bring each egg back to the basket before looking for more.

Switch It Up

Sometimes, the fun is in the hiding! Give your kids the chance to hide the eggs for their siblings for multiple rounds of egg hunting fun.

Keep It Fair

Make sure younger members of the family get a fair chance to find the treasures. Older kids can pair up with younger ones to help. Color code eggs by age groups, or use a different color for each of your children.

Virtual Egg Hunt

Sign up to join a public or private game with Watson Adventures’ virtual Easter scavenger hunt. Find eggs from all over the world hidden in museums, homes and more.

Easter Basket Gifts

Some-Bunny to Love

Give your baby a cute new friend for Easter with GUND’s Oh So Snuggly Bunny. This adorable pastel pink bunny is super soft and features quilted textures on body, feet and ears for tactile play. And if your bunny creates a mess digging carrots out of the garden, he’s easily machine washable! $25 at; Hippo and Puppy animals also available.

A Puzzling Egg

Test your problem-solving skills with the Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzles from University Games. These decorative eggs contain different puzzle-solving labyrinths for an exciting challenge. Eggs come in multiple levels and are perfect brain teasers for ages 8 and older. Available at for $10.99-$19.99.

Read All About It

Make Easter into a delightful and hilarious story with the Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs. These 21 fill-in-the-blank stories allow you to create your own holiday stories, and flaunt your knowledge of nouns, adjectives and verbs. The book also contains a sheet of themed stickers. For ages 8-12. Available at for $7.99.

An Eggs-cellent Family

Stack and separate this cute little egg family. Tomy’s Sort & Squeak Eggs have distinct features, and removing the top shell reveals a little chirper. Pressing down on the chick has the bird chirp. Mix and match the faces to teach colors or emotions. Available at for $15.99.

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