These basket ideas involve more than just chocolate and have items your kids can enjoy long after Easter Sunday.

Candy Easter Basket

Take a visit to the boxed candy section of the dollar store, and pick up four boxes per basket. Also purchase either Laffy Taffy or Nerds “ropes” for the basket handle. Use hot glue to attach the boxes together in a square to make a basket, then attach this to a square piece of cardboard for the bottom. Glue the candy handles on the sides and fill with fake grass, eggs and other Easter goodies.

Baseball Hat Basket

This one is a simple option for your elementary-to-teenage son who loves baseball. Turn a new baseball hat upside down and fill with treats: candy, gift cards, a baseball, baseball tickets, sunflower seeds, etc.

Outdoor Fun Basket

Take a toy dump truck or wagon and fill with everything a child could need to play outdoors this spring. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, water balloons, a jump rope, flower seeds, a small flower pot, a plastic garden tool set or nerf balls.

Crafting Basket

Does your child love to get their hands in glue, glitter or paint? Wrap an apron around paints, brushes, coloring books, glue sticks, glitter and feathers and tie with a ribbon. You could also purchase a pre-made craft set from your local craft store to include such as a beading, watercolor painting or clay set.

Educational Basket

It is always helpful to encourage learning any time you can. Fill a small canvas bag (something your child could use as a “library bag” when visiting) with Easter-related books, a bookmark, educational card games or activity books, notepads, pencils or markers and stickers.

Beach Bucket

This basket will help your child get ready for the beach come summer. Purchase a beach pail and fill with sunscreen, a new swimsuit, flip flops, beach toys, a towel and snacks or a water bottle for the beach. You could even decorate the outside of the pail with paint pens purchased at your local craft store.

Tween Girl Easter Basket

Your tween or teen wants Easter gifts, too! Fill plastic eggs with nail polish and pack a basket full of lip balm, makeup, gift cards, face masks, magazines or smaller jewelry pieces like costume rings or earrings.

Rain Boots Easter Basket

April showers bring May flowers, and your child might need some new rain boots! This idea is a fun way to gift Easter treats and new footwear. Purchase a pair of rain boots and fill with fake grass, candy and other treats.

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