Learn to braid and twist

A Florida dad created the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory to educate and encourage dads who are doing hair. They teach free classes nationwide and help dads learn to bond with their girls. See daddydaughterhairfactory101.com for tips and upcoming locations.

Vintage for Kids

A local company, Gunner & Lux, has created a Little Lux line specific to kids. The products include reinvented vintage items, necklaces with mini figures and buttons. The full line is available at gunnerandlux.com and local retailers.

Stuffed Animal Turned Washcloth

SoapSox is a fun way to get your kids excited about bath time. The stuffed animal can be filled with the liquid or bar soap of your choice and used as a washcloth. Disney characters like Nemo, Mickey and Ariel are new to the collection. Available at soapsoxkids.com for $12.99-$14.95.

Chat with your Kids

No need to buy a phone for young kids – Toymail Talkies lets family members send and receive voice messages, as well as other forms of content (songs, bedtime stories, fun facts). Available at toymail.co for $59.

Stock up on Samoas and Thin Mints

Girl Scout cookie sales begin Jan. 2 for $4 per box or $6 per box for the gluten-free variety and new S’mores cookie. Learn more about Girl Scouts by visiting girlscoutsatl.org (to find a location to buy cookies, enter your zip code for a cookie booth in your neighborhood). Girls also will be inviting friends to buy cookies online and going door-to-door.

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