You may have a smartwatch or a fitness tracker, but what about the kids? Wearable technology is now available for all ages. If you’re interested in monitoring your baby’s health or making sure your little one gets enough physical activity, there’s an option for that.

UNICEF Kid Power Band 

Leave it to UNICEF to create a movement tracker with social impact. The app associated with the Kid Power Band encourages kids to earn Power Points by getting active. Points translate to food that UNICEF can deliver to undernourished children worldwide. The more they exercise, the more they help those less fortunate than themselves.

Kidizoom Smartwatch by Vtech 

If the kids are in love with your Apple Watch, get them their own kid-friendly version. The Kidizoom let’s them take photos and video, play games, learn to tell time and use the motion sensor for tracking activity. Download more watch faces, photo effects and games to keep it interesting.


Owlet Smart Sock Monitor 

A comfy wraparound sock with a sensor track baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep patterns using clinically-proven pulse oximetry A base station uses color to alert if heart rate or oxygen leaves present zones, and apps allow you to get live readings and care tips.



A t-shirt goes high tech! Learn about the inner workings of the human body, including the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems through cleverly designed clothing and 360 degree videos. Buy the shirt, download the free app, and then virtually peel back the outer layers of the body to peek inside. Take turns with a friend or go selfie mode to see it all.



This smartwatch is an all-in-one phone, GPS locator and fitness tracker. But it also has some great additional features. Two-way video calling keeps parents and kids connected, and the SOS feature notifies you immediately if help is needed. Kids can also text emojis, connect with friends and take photos.

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