College Football Hall of Fame

Photo Credit | College Football Hall of Fame

Visit the Chick-fil-A Fan College Football Hall of Fame for a fun way to learn about college football players, team history and much more through giant touch screens, a playing field and displays. Your family can experience football in a setting that is the next best thing to being on the field.

All-Access Pass

Each person who steps into the Hall of Fame receives an All-Access Pass, which allows for videos and selfies to be instantly stored. Once home, you can log into the Hall of Fame website with an email address and the pass card number. You can then view or hear elements from your experience and even share on social media!

The Quad

After emerging through a tunnel of football player silhouettes, a huge wall of helmets greets you. The three-story array of over 760 football helmets has one for each college team in the country, from the smallest NAIA school to the big “Power 5” schools. At a kiosk, you enter information about yourself and select a favorite school (which can be changed at any interactive kiosk in the Hall). As you check in, the school’s helmet lights up on the wall and stays lit until you leave.

Photo Credit | College Football Hall of Fame

Indoor Football Playground

Try to kick a field goal or throw like a quarterback in this large indoor football field. Kids will love running agility drills, diving into the end zone and throwing footballs into small nets. A video kiosk films participants’ best end zone dances and then the videos are displayed over the jumbotron. Concessions are available here, either traditional game fare or Chick-fil-A.

Interactive Digital Elements

The hall is jam-packed with interactive touch screens and kiosks. A fun spot is the immense touchscreen video wall, which showcases photos and videos from different teams–when you walk up with your pass it shows media from the team you chose. Paint your face digitally with your team’s favorite colors and even sing a karaoke version of your team’s fight song. Jump into the set of ESPN’s College GameDay, and take turns being hosts, pick the winner and don the mascot hat. The immersive elements continue throughout the Hall– experience a 360 degree virtual reality simulator, play coach with tips from famous coaches, check out the evolution of football equipment, work on creating a virtual football program and much more.

The Hall of Fame

Despite the modern elements the College Football Hall of Fame boasts, the actual Hall of Fame, filled with accomplished players and teams, sits on the third floor. True to the high-tech theme, there are no statues or busts here. Along the walls of the rotunda are the names of the inductees, by year. Touch a screen to see pictures, bios and videos of each member. You can also search the database of over 900 players and over 150 coaches.

The Details

Chick-fil-A Fan College Football Hall of Fame
250 Marietta St., Atlanta

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