Fernbank Museum Atlanta

Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta is the perfect place for families to discover natural wonders from dinosaurs to plant and animal species and the deep depths of the ocean. Most of the time, there is also a traveling exhibit to enjoy such as giant mammoths or gladiators, and there is always an abundance of special events and children’s activities.

Special Exhibits

“Crocs: Ancient Predators in a Modern World” is on view June 5 – Sept. 6. Visitors can come nose-to-snout to some of the animal world’s most intimidating and misunderstood creatures in this lively new special exhibit. More than just a toothy grin, crocodilians live rich and complex lives. Immersive yourself (safely) into the intriguing world of crocs and explore their evolutionary history, biology and behavior, and their precarious relationship to humans.

“Habitat,” on view outdoors in WildWoods through Aug. 29, explores the stories and science of habitats and the plants, animals, and humans that call them home. The elevated walkway takes guests on a journey “through” habitats and biomes found around the globe, and explores the importance of preserving these natural communities through large-scale sculptures of animals, nests, flowers and more, created in partnership with local artists.

Discovery Areas with Permanent Exhibits

Even without visiting the traveling exhibits, there is much to discover between the walls. A Walk Through Time in Georgia takes visitors through areas of Georgia’s history and geographical regions. Fernbank NatureQuest includes a multi-level clubhouse where kids can find dinosaur fossils, explore caves and life under the sea. Kids will ooh and ahh over the giant dinosaurs seen in the atrium while moving from floor to floor.

Stand-Out Traveling Exhibits

Fernbank brings some fantastic exhibits to Atlanta–from giant dinosaurs to creatures of the deep. Each exhibit includes larger-than-life displays to wow the the kids and adults, interactive elements to entertain kids (they won’t even realize how much they are learning!) and opportunities to talk about nature or history in a relatable context.


This newer outdoor expansion features several areas to explore and elements for kids of all ages to enjoy. Climb and play on rope bridges, hide in underground passageways and gain a bird’s-eye view from the treetop pods. Explore interactive exhibits to see through the eyes of different animals. Meet birds, butterflies and pollinators in the creek meadow, and go nature-viewing from the elevated walkways and stroller-friendly walking trails.

Child-Focused Programs

This Museum was built with kids and education in mind. From the youngest visitors to teens, there is an exhibit or program for every age. Tadpole Tales is for preschoolers, with storytelling and an activity led by a Fernbank educator. Wild animal encounters, storytelling, experiments and events such as Dinosaur Birthday Bash and Winter Wonderland get kids involved and having fun.

Giant Screen Theater

This experience will make your child say, wow! The Giant Screen Theater at Fernbank swaps out different movies throughout the year, most of the time with one relating to the current exhibit. The state-of-the-art 4K laser projection system with both 2D and 3D capabilities makes science-based films come to life.

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