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Recycled Chunky Crayons

Make good use out of all those broken and battered crayons in your house! Transform them into new, multi-colored jumbo crayons. Spray non-stick vegetable oil into muffin tins. Next, put crayon pieces into each muffin mold. Another option: spray a cookie sheet with the non-stick oil and place metal cookie cutters on the sheet, then put plenty of crayon pieces inside each cookie cutter. You can have fun experimenting with different color combinations. Next, place the filled muffin tins (or your cookie tray) in the oven at 275 degrees;  “bake” for 7-8 minutes. Once melted, take the tins out of the oven, allow them to cool completely, then remove. You and your kids will be amazed at these creations. They now have colorful new drawing tools and you have eliminated those pestering little stubs. They might want some poster board or large pieces of construction paper so they can really “go to town” artistically with their chunky new crazy-colored crayons.
Pressed for time? Melt the crayons in small paper cups in the microwave and pour into ice cube molds. Freeze until hardened and draw away.


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