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The mischievous elf makes quite a mess around the holidays, and kids love to see his surprises each morning. Here are ideas and pranks to try with your family. Remember, elves can’t move or speak when kids are awake!

Make a Grand Entrance

Elf on the Shelf should arrive at your house from the North Pole. Try tying balloons or a mini parachute to a tree and hang him from the end with a note telling kids how he got there. Buy a small dollhouse door from your local craft or toy store and sit the elf beside it with a letter from Santa. If your elf is new, read “Elf on the Shelf” aloud and make sure to name the elf, then the mischief can begin.

Change Outfits from Year to Year

Kids will be surprised to see their elf in silly costumes or even a suit. Find tiny outfits (for dolls or action figures) at your local craft or toy store. To have the perfect fit, on Elf on the Shelf’s website they sell an entire line of elf clothing and accessories.

Help with Breakfast

Have your elf prepare breakfast before the kids sit down to eat. He could pour colorful sprinkles on his toast or make a stack of mini pancakes. He could even copy Buddy from the movie, “Elf” and eat a bowl of spaghetti covered with candy and syrup.

Fun with Snow

Build a snowman out of marshmallows (sprinkle with flour and around him) or use shaving cream to draw a snowman family on the bathroom mirror. Make snow angels with flour or instant rice on the counter. What about a snowball fight with mini marshmallows against another toy? Take LEGOs and build barriers for the fight and cover the area in mini marshmallows.

Silly Mischief

Your elf may find some dry-erase markers and decide to draw silly faces on family photos or attach elf hats to each photo. Have him swing from a doorway entrance with string or bungee jump using a bungee cord. Write messages on the bathroom mirror or counter using shaving cream, toothpaste, lipstick or erasable markers. Remove ornaments from the tree and place them in random locations around the house for the kids to find. Place Nerds candy in a coffee filter and pour fruit punch in the pot, kids will love seeing red “elf juice” instead of coffee.

Other Fun Ideas:

Go Fishing

Sit your elf by the sink and sprinkle the sink full of Goldfish crackers. Tie a piece of dental floss to a coffee stir and then tie one cracker to the end. Let this hang in the sink while the elf goes fishing.

Feed the Ducks

Fill a bathtub with water and float plastic ducks. Build a LEGO bench and sit the elf on the side of the tub. Tear pieces of bread and sit beside the bench for the elf to use while feeding ducks.

Bubble Bath

Fill a bowl or even your empty Crockpot with cotton balls. Place a small piece of fabric on the elf’s head as a towel and put a rubber duck inside the “tub.” If you have other doll accessories around the house such a mini shampoo, soap, etc. place these next to him.


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