Cool off in the backyard with these 3 fun ways to play

by Pam Molnar


Start summer off with a splash. Break the group up into teams, find a long rope and stand on opposite sides of a kiddie pool filled with water. On go, see who will make the first splash of the summer.

Drip, Drip, Drop

Played like Duck, Duck, Goose, this is a fun game for a hot day. Instead of taping the players in the circle for ‘duck’, drip a little water from a sponge. When you choose a player to “goose”, yell ‘drop’ and squeeze the sponge over their head before you start running.

Water Gun Shooting Range

Gather empty water and soda bottles and set up on a deck railing or table edge. Fill your water gun and try to knock them over. On windy days, fill each bottle with an inch of water.

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