When it’s too cold to play outdoors and the toys in the house aren’t appealing, blast boredom with some creative play. Encourage kids to decorate a “boredom buster” jar while you stuff if with 10 parent-approved activities kids can do independently. Half the fun is seeing which activity they’ll draw! Here are 10 to get you going


Make a snack. Try instant pudding, chips and dip, or celery with peanut butter. Remember to clean up!


Celebrate “Backwards Day.” Eat, wear and say everything backwards! (Until it gets too hard, at least).


Make a gross-out menu placemat on construction paper, drawing pictures of all the foods you hate!


Set up a treasure hunt using plastic eggs, Legos, and anything easy to spot. The creator can draw a map to lead pirates to the treasure.


Make your own word search and then give it to a friend to complete.


Write and perform a play based on a favorite book.


Write a family newsletter to send to relatives who live out of state.


Project your shadow on the wall. Have someone trace it. Then cut it out and glue onto black paper for a unique piece of silhouette art.


Play “spot the difference.” Have someone study how you look for a few minutes. Then go in the other room and make a small adjustment (take out an earring, put on a shoe, etc.). See if they can spot the difference.


Play musical chairs or have a crazy dance party. Just be sure to clear breakables out of the room!
Melanie Wagner

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