Georgia Aquarium

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Spend the Night Under the Sea

Sleep Under the Sea at the Georgia Aquarium includes a sleepover under giant whale sharks and fish, guided tours, presentations, activities, a bedtime snack and breakfast. Wake up next to one of the habitats before other guests arrive and enjoy the aquarium.

Make Magic Happen

Returning on July 9, be amazed by the sleight-of-hand magic, illusions and feats of mentalism at Atlanta Magic Theater. Magician Peter Morrison will showcase close-up and stage magic, along with comedy and audience participation during this 75-minute show. Recommended for ages 10 and older.

Go Skate

Practice your moves on these roller- and ice-skating rinks. Find more roller-skating rinks here.

Go Rock Climbing

Challenge yourself with Adrenaline Climbing. Their features include a free-standing boulder, a bouldering amphitheater, belay walls from easy to hard, a Treadwall, a slide and more. Recreational climbing classes are available for those interested in learning more. Suwanee.

Chills and Thrills

Who says spooky ghost sightings only happen in October?

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Food

Learn more about this iconic Georgia institution and founder S. Truett Cathy with a virtual storytelling experience and live tour.

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