When was the last time you could say “yes” to an event without first checking to see if you could get a babysitter? If your first instinct is to say “never,” then we are happy to introduce you to a game changer… the Wyndy app.

New to Atlanta, Wyndy makes finding, booking, and paying background-checked college sitters easier than ever. On average, when parents post a babysitting job on Wyndy they get a sitter in less than 5 minutes.

The Search for a Sitter Solution

Founded in 2017 in Birmingham, Alabama by Tommy and Ginger Mayfield, two parents in need of a sitter solution, the app has expanded to Nashville, Memphis, and five other southeastern markets. To date, more than 12,000 families have trusted Wyndy to book background-checked college babysitters.

The idea came to fruition when Tommy was working at a law firm in Birmingham, Alabama, and Ginger was earning her master’s degree at night — all while raising two young children.

“As the parents of young children, we were keenly aware of the challenges parents face when it came to finding trustworthy sitters.” Tommy tells us. “Through our own experience, as well as through conducting focus groups and interviews with both parents and college students early on, we felt confident we could build a platform that parents and college sitters would benefit from and enjoy.”

The Wyndy platform was created to empower parents to do more within their community, jobs, and relationships. Built for parents by parents, the app enables parents to find a trusted sitter without the hassle of traditional means (endless text messages, Facebook groups, etc).

“The most rewarding part of launching Wyndy has been seeing how the app has positively impacted the lives of our users in ways we didn’t foresee when we launched,” shares Tommy. “We’ve heard stories of parents who were about to accept job offers they had previously turned down because, with Wyndy, they could now effectively manage their childcare needs.”

Help College Students

But the app isn’t just about empowering parents, Wyndy also seeks to empower students by giving them opportunities to make money around their own schedule — all while making connections within their local community.

Tommy goes on to say, “We’ve also heard from students who were on the verge of withdrawing from school for financial reasons but were able to stay enrolled because of the extra income they were able to earn through Wyndy.”

Wyndy sitters are from respected Atlanta colleges and universities like Emory, Spelman, Morehouse, Agnes Scott, and Georgia Tech. When a parent posts a job, the app instantly connects them with a list of nearby sitters who match the job requirements. Parent can then book the sitter in the app, paying via the app once the job is complete.

Wyndy sets itself apart by accepting only full-time undergraduate and graduate students from Wyndy-approved colleges and universities. Each sitter undergoes a thorough application process and must pass a background check. Parents can post jobs to the job board and see which Wyndys are interested, or they can offer a job directly to their list of favorite Wyndys.

Parents can select and search for Wyndys based on their school, major, or affiliation with certain organizations to find a person who will fit well within their family.

Easy to Use

When a parent is ready to post their job, they can enter the start and stop time of the job, choose the hourly rate of the job, select the number of children in need of care, and then click from a list of job needs such as bathing, feeding, bedtime, and driving. There is also an open section provided where you can include additional job notes and house rules.

When the job is complete, all payment happens directly through the app. No more late night trips to the ATM or awkward Venmo exchanges while you try to calculate a tip in your head.

Parents can rate Wyndys, add them to a list of “My Wyndys” and share recommended sitters with friends who are also on Wyndy. Jobs can be booked in advance or last-minute. In June, Wyndy had a job posted at 5:03pm, had a sitter booked by 5:04pm, and the sitter arrived at the hour at 5:27pm.

Wyndy uniquely combines trust and technology in a way that is beneficial to everyone.

Because of the brand’s commitment to trust, Wyndy believes that community focus is highly important.

“These are your children, and we understand how important it is to create a high level of trust within the community. That’s why we are selective with who we choose to sit on our platform and where we choose to build community.”

In the heart of Atlanta, Decatur was an easy choice when deciding where to bring Wyndy next. With its tight knit community, families, and proximity to Emory and Agnes Scott, it’s the perfect place to introduce Wyndy to Atlanta parents.

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