Features: Recently remodeled, the park has a multi-age appropriate playground with covered pavilion. It’s surrounded by tall trees providing shade and quiet. The playground has a small play structure for toddlers, with a tiny roller coaster track perfect for matchbox cars. A much larger, wheelchair-accessible structure accommodates ages 3 and older, with rope climbing structures, a leaning climbing wall ladder, monkey bars, three different slides, riding elements such as spinning stools and airplanes, and regular, baby and disk swings. There are also chimes and bongos for kids to play.

A multi-person disk swing allowed my children to take a break gazing at the clouds, and the covered pavilion is perfect for lunch or a snack. A paved sidewalk surrounds the playground area if you have a child who wants to scooter or bike while the others play. Adult exercise stations are nearby.

Amenities: New play equipment for all ages, pavilion, walking trails, two tennis courts, plenty of parking. A small meadow houses a tiny book exchange house. No restrooms, so plan accordingly.

Location: 4865 Lakeside Dr., Dunwoody. dunwoodyga.gov

– Lauren Townsend

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