Westview Cemetery

Cemeteries have a haunting feel, which is perfect for the Halloween season, but they’re also great places to learn about history.

Westview Cemetery. Opened in October 1884, this cemetery has nearly 600 acres of land and more than 108,000 interments have taken place here. Atlanta.

Historic Oakland Cemetery. Atlanta’s oldest public park features 28 acres of history, gardens, sculpture and architecture. Atlanta.

Marietta National Cemetery. This cemetery is home to one of five monumental masonry archways that originally served as the formal entrance to national cemeteries found in the South and was established in 1866. Marietta.

Utoy Cemetery. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this cemetery is the final resting place for African American slaves, Utoy Church members, a Revolutionary War veteran, Atlanta’s first physician and more. Atlanta.

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