School-based publication, “TIME for Kids” will be accessible to homes for the first time. As families, teachers and students adjust to school closures as a result of the global spread of COVID-19, the new digital library will provide access to new issues of “TIME for Kids” and “Your $,” the financial literacy magazine for kids, each week. “TIME for Kids” will also make available a complete library of previously published editions from 2020 along with additional educational resources and activities.

The first new issue of “TIME for Kids” in the digital library, a special report on COVID-19, will be available on March 23. The package includes interviews with health experts and a look at how the pandemic is affecting schools, the economy and more. It will also include resources for teachers and families to both facilitate conversations about coronavirus and to help children better understand the current crisis.

Each week, the free digital library will offer four grade-specific editions, including K-1, 2, 3-4, and 5-6, of “TIME for Kids.” Every edition of “TIME for Kids” and “Your $” published in 2020 will also be available in the digital library.

As teachers navigate the uncharted territory of virtual instruction, “TIME for Kids” is supporting educators with complete access to teaching materials, curriculum guides and weekly virtual learning plans for each issue. Supplemental tools including worksheets and quizzes will be published for teachers and families on to serve as a turn-key resource for homeschool and distance learning instruction.

-Katie Blitz, DKC News

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