A Thrill Ride for Watersports Enthusiasts

Looking for an activity that will get your kids outside, challenge them physically, and make them smile? Terminus Wake Park may be just the thing. Located about 40 minutes northwest of Atlanta, Terminus is an all-ages, all-skill-levels wakeboard park that offers three man-made lakes, with cable systems attached to steel pylons above the varied aquatic obstacles on all three.

Lake 1, the beginner course, eases visitors into the water with a partial cable system and low speeds; Lake 2 features a full clockwise system and a few stunts, and Lake 3, the expert course, is dotted with rails, sliders, and ramps, many of which are exclusive to Terminus. Each cable is powered by an electric variable-speed motor, ensuring even speeds, regardless of the number of riders. Guests can bring their own boards, helmets, and ski jackets or they can rent all needed equipment on site.

The four boys in our group, all athletes with prior watersports experience, saw the long line and opted to skip Lake 1, where the basics of how to wakeboard are taught.  But Lake 2 proved to be much more difficult than we expected, with intermediate features such as sliders, rails and kickers and the option for riders to either slide or jump off the dock. In hindsight, we should have arrived when the park first opened when the queue for beginner training was shorter.

After the boys attempted about 10 launches each, we decided to observe what was going on at Lake 3. That’s where the experienced wakeboarders perform acrobatic stunts such as corkscrews and double flips. The demonstrations appeared effortless. At Lakes 1 and 2, staff coaches make sure riders are appropriately geared up and positioned for launch. They are expert wakeboarders who are happy to provide tips and suggestions as they operate the cables.

For spectators, there are shady spots to escape the heat. On the day we went, it was particularly hot and staffers brought complimentary – and much appreciated – wet cloths for spectators and participants to put on their necks. Food and non-alcoholic drinks from outside the park are permitted; refreshments are also available for sale at a food truck on site.

– Beth Balga

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