Children may not know the lyrics to “Blue Skies,” but they’ll surely start smiling when you bring out this fun treat.

Blue Jell-O mix
Canned whipped cream
Clear plastic cups
Plastic spoons
Yellow and orange construction paper
Smiley face stamp (optional)
Double sided tape

First make up packages of blue Jell-O according to the directions on the box. (adjust the amount of Jell-O based on the number you want to serve, figuring one box of Jell-O will serve six people)
After the Jell-O fully sets stir it up with a large spoon so that it will conform to the shape of the plastic cups.
Alternate small scoops of the blue Jell-O with little squirts of canned whipped cream.
Cut some smiling suns out of cheap construction paper and tap them to the ends of the plastic spoons.
Enjoy your delicious treat!

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