Parenting, amirite? After a long day (or even the stretch until naptime) moms and dads can use a laugh. Comedians who are also parents know this, and work slices of family life into their acts. Check out these stand-up comedy streaming specials parents will love, all on Netflix.

Ali Wong – Hard Knock Wife

Wong pulls no punches about motherhood truths. Talking about her firstborn while pregnant with another, she addresses the stay-at-home versus working conundrum. She also tackles totally recognizable subjects like checking for who pooped, joining a moms club, and the pain of breastfeeding.

Jim Gaffigan – Cinco

In his fifth comedy special, dedicated to his fifth child, Gaffigan jokes about the differences between parenting boys and girls. Among broader topics like his dad bod, he shares more funny parenting insights. Wait for his description of what it’s like to travel with preschool boys.

Judd Apatow – The Return

After a loooong break from stand-up comedy, the film and TV mastermind jokes about his home life. Those who have daughters will enjoy his riffs on what it’s like to be the only man in a family of women. He describes it as living with the same woman at three different ages.

Tig Notaro – Happy to be Here

Notaro’s first special since becoming a parent covers some familiar and so-funny territory. As a mom of twin boys, she shares her unique style of parenting and how it may appear to others. Toddler language and the lack of housekeeping by new parents also make light of mom life.

The Standups – Gina Yashere

Season two of The Standups comedy series features an episode with British comedian Gina Yashere. Talking about her own mother’s tendency for overprotection and her misunderstandings of Halloween bring big belly laughs. This series is only 30 minutes long, which is a bonus if you’re too tired for a longer show.

Brian Regan – Nunchucks and Flamethrowers

Dedicated to his dad, Regan spends much of this special’s second half talking about family life. He shares about playing board games with his kids. Then he delves into funny flashbacks of station wagon times with his own brothers.

Want more laughs? Family funnies sneak into the most recent Netflix comedy specials of Jerry Seinfeld and Dana Carvey as well.

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