For busy moms, time alone is a rare and precious commodity. Try these suggestions to recharge physically and emotionally.

1.  Listen to music

Buy a new CD or download one and listen as you run errands. The drive to new music can rejuvenate you and will give you a fresh perspective.

2.  Buy flowers

Just for you with for no special reason but to boost your mood. Adding a little color to your week and do just the trick.

3.  Write down your bucket list

Many of us have a mental list we’ve never committed to paper. The magic of writing it: We are more likely to actually do it.

4.  Enjoy some silence

We may not realize how the constant bombardment noise can stress us. With kids running around and cartoons playing in the background, you sometimes need to have some peace and quiet.

5.  Volunteer for charity

Choose one of your favorite organizations you already donate towards or a charity you have heard great things about and visit for an afternoon. You will soon appreciate your own life and circumstances.

6.  Read a book or take a nap.

7.  Sit on a park bench, close your eyes and just listen.

8.  Create! Write a poem or song, compose and take a photo or paint a canvas.

9.  Take a long hot bath with candles lit instead of electric lighting.

10.  Buy a magazine you enjoy, sit down to read it with your favorite beverage in your favorite spot in your house.

11.  Write a gratitude list.

12.  Take a walk in one of your favorite spots.

13.  Call a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. Chat about everything and anything, just because.

14.  Go to a grown-up movie all by yourself, or watch one at home with no interruptions.

15.  Exercise in a new way. Take a swim or try a Pilates class.

– Laura Lyles Reagan

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