Chattahoochee Nature Center

See a butterfly land right on your hand, arm or even your head! Children can get up close with hundreds of butterflies in these exhibits and encounters.

Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet? Or that when a butterfly lands on you, it’s called lighting? Visiting these encounters or even creating a butterfly garden at home can help children learn about these interesting creatures.

Butterfly Experience at Dunwoody Nature Center

Butterflies are returning to Dunwoody Nature Center in this socially responsible week-long festival! Visitors can experience hundreds of butterflies in the North Woods Pavilion. Pre-registration is required.  Through Aug. 22.

Day Butterfly Center at Callaway Gardens

Over 1,000 butterflies flutter freely in a dynamic, glass-enclosed environment – one of North America’s largest tropical butterfly conservatories. In September, see hundreds of iridescent Blue Morpho butterflies; the annual Butterfly Festival, Sept. 26-27, has crafts, games and activities for all ages.

Backyard Butterflies

Invite butterflies into your yard by planting flowers and bushes that attract them, including fennel, parsley, butterfly weed, passion flower and elm trees to host caterpillars. Adult butterflies love butterfly bush, lantana and annual zinnias according to Georgia gardening expert, Walter Reeves.

Burying a plastic basin in the ground filled with wet sand or mud will give the butterflies a moist place to land, drink and bask in the sun, he says. You can also visit the National Wildlife Federation for a list of butterfly garden necessities.

Grow Your Own Butterflies

You can plant caterpillar-friendly plants and wait for butterflies to lay their eggs, then keep watch as caterpillars turn into chrysalis then butterflies. Try one of Insect Lore’s Live Butterfly Kits, which arrive with live caterpillars and their own diet in a plastic, see-through jar. Once the caterpillars become chrysalis, they can be transferred to the mesh habitat that comes with the kit. When they emerge as butterflies, the family can release them into the backyard. Kits are available starting at $27.99.

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