Six Flags Theme Park is perfect for a good thrill ride or meeting Looney Tunes characters, whatever suits your fancy. Here are our tips to beat the lines and save on tickets.

Look over the park map: Make sure your family members are aware of the different areas of the park so no one gets separated. Have your kids circle what they wish to see and number from one to three for must-see items. This way everyone in the family can have a chance to ride their top three attractions. For older kids who may opt to ride on their own, designate a meeting spot and meeting time.

Start from the back: This is a famous theme park trick—head to the rides at the back of the park first, instead of starting at the rides you see by the entrance. Another idea is concentrating on the more popular rides first.

Divide and conquer: Bring one adult for every child you are bringing to the park, this way everyone will have a chance to ride their favorites. This also helps when one child wants to ride every single rollercoaster 10 times, and another child is afraid of the bigger rides, or is not tall enough.

Pack the essentials: Don’t over stuff a backpack or purse with tons of items, remember whatever you bring in you will be carrying around the entire day or paying for a locker rental. Make sure to bring a change of clothes if you also plan to visit Hurricane Harbor.

Pay attention to height requirements: This can be a tricky thing if your younger child is a thrill-seeker. Most of the thrill rides have a requirement of 42-54 inches to ride. The family area has either no requirement or 36-42 inches. The majority of the rides at Six Flags are best for ages 6 and older. Explain to your child that there are plenty of rides for their size, and they get to look forward to the bigger ones in the future.

Plan for eating times: Food in the park can get pricey—you may want to bring a lunch to the park and leave it in a cooler in your car. If you don’t want to put a pause on the fun, there are several options in the park.  Food, beverages or coolers may not be brought into the park. The only exceptions are for special diets and infant food. states: Guests who leave the park and plan to return must get their hand stamped before they leave the park at the exit e-entry gate. When guests return to the park, they must enter through the re-entry gate with the hand stamp.

Purchase tickets in advance: It is best to plan ahead and purchase tickets online a few days in advance.  Consider purchasing a yearly membership pass if your family plans to visit several times during the year.

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