Moving is no small feat. There is months of research, prepping, home improvements, de-cluttering (how on earth did we accumulate all this?), listing, showings and waiting, all while attempting to keep your home “show ready.”

For some, moving can be daunting. Some people stay put in too-small houses or in neighborhoods, which no longer work for them, because the stress and hassle are too much. Especially with kids.

Luckily, Atlanta’s large real estate market means you have options when it comes to buying and selling.

Here are 4 tips to help you move on to your next home – and keep your sanity, too!

Know it’s going to get emotional

Don’t let this one sneak up on you. Once you’ve decided to sell, you will need to emotionally prepare for the process, which can be two-fold: business and personal. Putting your house on the market opens it up to scrutiny. Buyers and realtors will provide feedback after showings. It’s natural to feel some emotional attachment, but remember that this is a business transaction. Do your best not to take feedback personally.

You’ll also be taking a trip down memory lane. This might be your first home, or where you brought your babies home from the hospital, where they took their first steps, where you hosted numerous birthday parties. It is normal to feel emotional. Try to stay focused on the next chapter. Chances are you’re moving on to bigger and better things. So dream big and start visualizing yourself in your new home.

Prep the paperwork

Now it is time to prepare yourself logistically. Selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions you’ll make, which means lots of paperwork. Do yourself a favor and get everything in order ahead of time so it doesn’t slow you down mid-process. The bonus is as soon as you’re ready to buy your next home, you’ll be ready to go. Examples of paperwork you’ll need as a seller include: property tax records, appliance manuals, warranty information, HOA details (if applicable), tax records and documentation of any upgrades you’ve made.

Skip the listing and showings

Every parent understands the struggle of keeping the toys under control and the house looking (moderately) presentable. Now, look at this scenario through the lens of needing to sell your family home. Try having it look picture-perfect, like a Pottery Barn catalog where nobody lives, let alone you, your spouse, two kids, a dog and probably a goldfish.

Opendoor is a new and simple way to sell your home at a competitive price (no lowball offers) without the stress and hassle of listing it on the market. No open houses, no potential buyers wanting to drop in during dinner time, no stressing over the toys. Simply go to, share a bit of info about your home and receive a competitive offer on your home in days.

Time the move wisely

Good news, right now is a prime time to move! Moving in late fall or winter can reduce your moving expenses, since demand for moving services is generally highest in the summer. Sure, it is not the most glamorous way to spend the upcoming holiday break, but it can save a bit of headache and money. If that’s not possible, you can still make things easier by avoiding weekends and month-ends, which are also peak moving times.

It may be hard to believe right now, but selling your family home and moving on to your next adventure is possible. Do you have thoughts or tips on how to maintain your sanity when selling your home? We’d love to hear them! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to join the conversation.

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