Best Pregnancy Apps and Baby Apps

Apps can help you track and manage, whether you’re expecting or already have a baby onboard. Here are some of Atlanta Parent’s favorites.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Moms-to-be can track their baby’s growth, their own health and exercise habits and much more with this app from Ovuline Inc. Free. iOS or Android devices.

Pregnancy Tracker and Baby App

This tracker from Baby Center has similar features to the Ovia tracker but also includes a “trying to conceive” category with content focused on getting pregnant and connecting with support groups. Free. iOS or Android devices.

Baby Tracker Newborn Log

Use this app from Nighp Software to track your baby’s daily habits and health, from feedings to diaper changes to growth records, and to log medical history such as medications or vaccinations. Free. iOS or Android devices.

The Wonder Weeks

Explore and track what’s going on in your baby’s developing mind with this app from Domus Technica. It can help you understand why your baby is fussy or sleeping poorly and what you can do. $2.99. iOS and Android devices.

Baby Pics Photo Editor

Capture milestones and create collages with this app from Baby Pics. The app allows you to add artwork to photos such as, “Today I giggled for the first time.” $1.99-$5.99. iOS or Android devices.

WebMD Baby

Track your baby’s development and get physician approved advice, on topics such as breastfeeding or bottle feeding, diaper use, sleep time and more with this app. WebMD says it’s like a pediatrician in your pocket. Free. iOS and Android devices.

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