The playground at Ocee Park’s renovation had a goal of creating a park that could be used by everyone. They “knocked this one out of the park” and created a fantastic space for kids of all ages and abilities.

Features: My family’s favorite feature is the “Ten Spin” Merry-Go-Round. Kids can sit or stand and spin the merry-go-round.

The park tries some new ideas with traditional elements like swings and slides. A generation swing allows a little kid and a big kid or parent to swing together at opposite ends of a swing. The Avalanche slide allows kids use their upper body strength to climb up and then slide down. My daughter’s favorite activity was to climb to the top of the multi-level tower before wooshing down a tube slide.

Playgrounds are also for making noise! A touch pad makes different animal sounds and an entire section is set aside for making beautiful music. My son put on a concert in Harmony Park with the xylophones and drums.

Amenities: Separate play structures for toddlers and older kids; swings; generation swing; Ten Spin Merry-Go-Round; musical instruments; climbing ramp; avalanche slide; mulit-level mega tower; backtrack climber; restrooms; four covered pavilions with picnic tables.

Location: 10900 Buice Rd., Johns Creek

– Nicole Mabry

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