We first visited this park last year when a friend pronounced it the prettiest one she’d seen OTP. We were wowed by the modern playground and green spaces overlooking the Chattahoochee River, and have returned many times since then. Built in 2010, this is one park that adults enjoy as much as kids, with plenty of shaded areas for sitting and enjoying the views while children explore some of the most up-to-date play equipment around.

Features: Two play structures serve both younger and older kids with places to climb, slide and explore, but the spot where they all come together is known as the spiderweb, a tall rope structure that provides a climbing challenge. The playground structures are mostly covered by large sun shades to keep slides and bars cool, and astroturf underneath means mud puddles are never an issue. Also in the play area are rock climbing elements, a tilted spinner, rocking animals, and swings.   Paved sidewalks winding through the park make for easy bike riding or scootering. Near the river sits a stone chimney from the 1800s, a remnant of a settler family who lived in the area way back when.

Amenities: A huge covered pavilion (that can be reserved in sections) with grills and an outdoor fireplace, walking trails, fire pit and nearly 20 bench swings, horseshoe pit, and restrooms. A dock provides river access for fishing, canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding.

Location: 200 Morgan Falls Rd., Sandy Springs. The park is at the very end of Morgan Falls Road.
– Dalia Faupel

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