Features: On a sunny day, my family headed out to experience Kidscape Village. Gone are the wooden structures that previously occupied this playground within Cobb Park in Smyrna. Lots of children were enjoying the inviting, colorful new plastic and metal play structures. My three little boys quickly found their footing on age-appropriate play equipment.

We’ve visited many playgrounds, and it’s a treat to come upon one with features we haven’t seen before. My boys loved the shorter climbing walls that allowed them to climb up and over – as opposed to the more typical taller walls that allow a youngster to climb up and come back down. Next, the boys discovered the real telescope atop one structure. Peering through it, they exclaimed, “We can see you up close, Mom!” They also enjoyed climbing the tall boulder structures in the middle of the playground. My toddler couldn’t seem to get enough of the make-believe train equipped with its own steering wheel, and he felt right at home on slides and swings that were just his size. I was nervous when my older boys climbed to the top of the advanced spider web, but it was worth it to see their sense of accomplishment.

Amenities: Most of the play structures have built-in covers to provide shade; this will be especially welcome once the really hot weather arrives. Plenty of park benches and tables offer great vantage points for keeping an eye on your kids. The playground surface is filled with wood chips, so I was relieved my kids had worn tennis shoes. Two shaded pavilions and restrooms are also available.

Where: 2776 Sanford Road, Smyrna.

– Felicia Barham

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