Kidzstock Park is a hidden gem on the grounds of First Baptist Church of Woodstock, full of climbing structures for older kids and a Tot Lot with swings and tunnels for younger kids. The first thing you’ll see is a big friendly sign welcoming you, then you can’t miss a giant red climbing structure that my son thinks looks like a red Eiffel Tower.

Beyond the climbing structure are wooden castles and towers with many ways to climb up and slide down – stairs, a climbing rope, a climbing wall, a fireman’s pole, slides – you name it! You’ll also find a bouncy bridge, a tight rope-style balance beam and another rubber rope obstacle that lead to a big wooden ship.

The Tot Lot for kids ages 2-5 has a city theme with storefronts, a train and a carwash that sprays a cooling mist. It also has toddler-sized tunnels for crawling, perfect-height monkey bars and plenty of swings. My kids’ favorite thing to do before they leave is to visit the giant fish mural. It’s also a mister that sprays water and cools them off after hours of playtime!

Features: Separate playgrounds for older kids and toddlers; climbing structures, slides, swings, a wooden ship, a basketball court, a rock climbing wall, two hopscotch paths, and a two misting features to cool off; covered pavilions with picnic tables; clean restrooms with changing tables.

Location: 11905 Hwy. 92, Woodstock, on the campus of First Baptist Church of Woodstock. Open 8 a.m. until dark.
– Nicole Mabry

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